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Breathless the Oxygen Apocalypse. Book cover and half-title page
The is the new and old version of the book covers that I designed. Which is your favorite?

How I made the cover

The before and after

Below you can see the cover and alternate cover. Please click on the images to enlarge and see the high-res version. You can zoom in even further by using the magnifying glass.

I love all my book covers, but this one has an extra amount of symbolism. And I like to sneak in some hidden surprises, or Easter Eggs, as they’re called. Can you find any?

Breathless the Oxygen Apocalypse. Book cover. An image of a man living inside a giant jar with the last tree on Earth. Outside is a dead world that has run out of oxygen.
The final cover from 2023.
This illustration is a combination of dozens of images and a lot of painstaking Photoshop work and about five other programs to get it just right. I love this version because the symbolism adds another level of meaning to the book. My favorite detail is the constellation Orion. And if you look closely, you can see the jar is in a very unusual place. Can you guess where? 
Breathless the Oxygen Apocalypse by Scott Stoll Alternate cover
The original cover from 2012 before the rewrite.
I still really like this image, and have used it as the half-title page. You’ll notice that I used the old jalopy and the oxygen tank on the new cover. However, the main image is a stock photograph that I purchased. Even though I added a lot to this image, I decided that I’d rather use a completely original image. Besides, I didn’t feel the tone of this image was quite right.

The book cover also becomes and important part of my marketing package to help potential readers get an idea about the emotional rollercoaster that awaits them.

Breathless book cover floating above a global firestorm.
The book floating above an apocalyptic scene.

If you’d like more details about the book and the science, please visit Breathless: The Oxygen Apocalypse.

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