Scott Stoll logo world traveler. A bicycle wheel and the globe symbolizes Scott's journey around the world on a bicycle.

Robert Scott: The Amateur

Meet our featured explorer Robert Scott, antarctic explorer. An officer of the British Royal Navy, Scott was chosen to lead the first polar expedition on the specially built ship, the Discovery.
An African adventure captured on film by Seth Tator.
A Thai adventure captured on film by Erik Welke. Blessed with exquisite natural beauty, and possibly the friendliest population on the planet, Thailand is a joy to behold.
An Egyptian adventure captured on film by Loren Brown in rich colors. Except for the Nesquik Bunny, these pictures could be a hundred years old.
Once again, photographer Lisa Kristine brings us the extraordinary peoples from far-off worlds. This time, Mali and Morocco.
Dick and Ingrid share lessons learned and beautiful memories about their bicycle trip and share their photos with us.
Pop-open lids, do pop off! They pop off in your backpack and leak. Tips on how to keep bottles from leaking during your travels.
The worst thing about traveling is worrying about getting robbed. Andy gives us some tips on relieving the worry.
Tex recounts his adventures at Burning Man, an annual festival in the burning Black Rock Desert of Nevada.
What begins as a 1-week family mission to drive Grandma across Texas to see a doctor, turns into a 5-week adventure across the American West and Deep South.
Our Space Tourism columnist, Brooke, recounts her visit to the 2nd Annual Lunar Development Conference, focusing on a permanent return to the Moon.
A fun bicycle adventure despite a flat tire and a fall provides some moments of reflection.