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A teacher alone on the playground gets ready to line up the students. The words are invisible from the roof.
This aerial view shows Mrs Krzysik surveying the chalk drawing “We ❤ worms” and preparing to organize the students by grade and the color of their T-shirts. My job is to help fill in the gaps, but the words are barely visible.

Adopt a teacher

Is being a teacher an adventurer?

I can say from my experience at speaking at schools across the world that education is the backbone of our society. And, I can also say that teachers seem to be an extremely under-valued commodity. And even the best-intentioned teachers can’t overcome the budget restrictions, standardized (read dumb-downed) curriculum requirements and other artificial barriers imposed to actually give the kids the best education. Of course, that doesn’t even include the $80,000 student loan Kate has shouldered to follow her dream.

It is teachers like Kate that take the extra time and energy to invite me into their classrooms to share my story with the kids. Kate is an outstanding teacher, and she had the brilliant idea of having her students illustrate my next book. Not only will the kids get to meet the author and read the book, but they actually get to participate in the creation of a real-world project, something that will last the rest of their lives, and inspire generations to come.

It is important to understand that teachers, like Kate, don’t have to take the extra time to invite guests to the classroom or create projects for the kids. Indeed, it would be much easier to just spoon feed the kids the state-approved curriculum. In fact, teachers don’t have to teach at all. During my travels, I have seen many children that never had the opportunity to attend school and were often working and living on the streets.

Picture-perfect. Adorable girls in Guatemala dressed in colorful clothes sitting on colorful, woven chairs.
Adorable Guatemalan girls posing for a picture alongside the road. The parents are trying to earn tips rather than send the children to school, though perhaps there is no school nearby.

If you need more food for thought, this is was a worthwhile and humorous TED talk for everyone interested in our society as a whole. Personally I run into roadblocks many times related to the educational issues presented in this talk; for example, more often than not schools tell me they have no budget for extracurricular activities and no art classes. I wholeheartedly agree that we need to inspire curiosity in children and teach them how to teach themselves, rather than the emphasis on standardized memorization. And what better way to start than to empower the teachers with the same curiosity and learning environment.

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