Scott Stoll logo world traveler. A bicycle wheel and the globe symbolizes Scott's journey around the world on a bicycle.
Scott Stoll Shuttle Bike Kit Ohio River
Pictured here is one of Scott's favorite sponsored adventures. After a trial run in a local pond and the Miami River, Scott Stoll launches his Shuttle Bike on the Ohio River. It has a notoriously dangerous undertow and is full of fast-moving coal barges that can't stop.

Partners and Sponsors

We’ve been lucky to have so many partners, volunteers and sponsors in the past, including our guest adventurers and thousands of children that we’ve been honored to work with and have helped with our research. Thank you all.

If you are interested in helping sponsor an adventure or school visit or book donations, this is the right place to make a difference and inspire the world. Please consider making a donation. Money helps keep the lights on, but there are lots of free ways you can help.

Below we have listed some benefits of sponsorship. We also post relevant ads. See Advertise Here.

Please contact us to get started working together on a mutually beneficial project

A short list of partners

Parker Woods Montessori Elementary School website homepage featuring Scott's picture of the students in staff standing in the shape of a monarch butterfly. Notice the orange and black colors.
An unexpected success! I love these kinds of serendipitous surprises. Cincinnati Public Schools liked this photograph so much they featured it on their website homepage. It’s the students and staff of Parker Woods Montessori standing in the shape of a monarch butterfly. Notice the orange and black colors.

Thanks again to all our current and past partners, many of whom wish to remain anonymous.

Parker Woods Montessori. Thanks to all the staff, parents and students, over 1500 people (pictured above), that made possible the children’s book Mirabella the Monarch.

The “Dream It! Playbook” and the Dreamaplay are proud to partner with the following organizations:

  • Magination Press and the APA (American Psychological Association)
  • Social-Emotional Learning Providers Council, part of CASEL
  • University of Cincinnati
  • Cincinnati Public Schools
  • Reading is Fundamental
  • Children’s Book Council
  • Northside Education Committee and Community Council.
  • Parker Woods Montessori
  • St Boniface School
  • World Vision
  • YMCA of Greater Cincinnati
  • Happen, Inc.
  • Wordplay
  • Northside Education Committee and Community Council.
  • Upspring (formerly Faces Without Places)
  • St. Boniface.
  • Visit Dreamaplay to see even more partners.

Amy Belle Elementary School. Thanks to all the staff, parents and students, over 1500 people, who made possible the children’s book The Cupcake Boy.

US Embassy of Argentina logo

Thanks to the US Embassy and the schools of Argentina for sponsoring the Spanish edition Cayendo Hacia Arriba.

Texas Flange Logo

Thanks to Texas Flange for sponsoring the adventure of riding a bike across the Ohio River. No! It wasn’t frozen. Read the story >>>

Waukesha STEM Academy Logo

The Waukesha STEM Academy charter school. Thanks to all the staff, parents and students, over 1500 people, that made possible the children’s book Ruby the Red Worm’s Dirty Job.

Bike MS logo

We’re honored to be part of the MS Society family once again. Scott actually designed the 1994 poster for the Ride (see below). Scott donated the profits of his book to the National MS Society.

MS best dam bike tour poster
Coincidence or Not? I created this in 1994, just a few years before I realized that the cure to my own life was in my garage. And, years later, I attended several Best Dam Bike Tour events and sold copies of Falling Uphill and donated the profits back to the MS Society. This poster won both a local finalist award and a citation in the Midwest Regional ADDY competition.

poplar creek elementary school logo

Poplar Creek Elementary School. Thanks to all the staff, parents and students, over 1500 people, that made the new book possible.

logo wigwam

Wigwam has been knitting socks for over 105 years out of Sheboygan, WI. We are proud to support a Wisconsin native like Scott who has such high aspirations and athletic goals. Wigwam truly believes that your feet are your foundation and that whether you are walking with friends or biking the distance it would take to ride around the world, Wigwam wants you to have happy feet. Cheers to you Scott and your determination. You are an inspiration to all of us. (This story has been archived here. .)

hostelling international usa

I’m honoured to be an Honorary Committee Member (along with Tony Wheeler, Peter Greenberg, Arthur Frommer, Rick Steves, and more) for the 100th anniversary of the international hostel movement and the 75th anniversary of Hostelling International USA. I’ve stayed in hostels across the world and find the vibrant cultural exchange far more rewarding than a 5-star hotel.

around the world travel radio logo

Winner of the prestigious IRHA Award (beating contenders like the BBC) Around the World Radio will be featuring monthly reports of Scott Stoll’s Falling Uphill Tour live from the road as he circumnavigates North America asking people a simple question: “If you could do anything, what would you do?” Listen to Scott’s adventure as a radio correspondent.

waterford precision cycles logo

Proud makers of Scott’s bicycle which has almost 30,000 touring miles in over 59 countries and is still going strong. More info to come. Read the story about The Bike that went Around the World.

logo slime

Additional thanks to the WordPress community for making the tools to bring out stories to the world. It’s a lot easier than hand-coding the website like we did in the old days.

It bears mentioning again, thanks to thousands of people who participated in the journey one way or another, many who wish to remain anonymous, and many more road angels that appear when you need them most.

Students from Argentina holding their certificates of achievements and their copy of "Cayendo Hacia Arriba," the book that we created together.
Students from Argentina holding their certificates of achievements and their copy of “Cayendo Hacia Arriba,” the book that we created together. Deputy Ambassador Jefferson Brown traveled across Argentina distributing books and certificates.

Benefits of Sponsorship

We continue to look for partners and sponsors to help fund adventures, school visits and author-in-residence programs. This isn’t about money as much as it is about teaming up with the right people to help each other bring our visions to life. Please consider making a donation (see the button in the right-hand column) or contact us to get started working together.


Update: The following are just a few random ideas. We’ve learned over the years that all of our partner’s needs differ. Please contact Scott to co-create mutually beneficial goals.

  • In general, the main benefit of working with partners/sponsors is that we help each other fulfill our goals in a co-creative and mutually beneficial manner.
  • A perennial showcase for your brand and our adventure or project on this website. An example of one of Scott’s favorite sponsored adventures. Scott sets a world record by riding a bicycle across the Ohio River. No, it’s not frozen. And, an example of a favorite project is the creation of our book about monarch butterflies and all the in-class lessons about how to plant a garden and raise butterflies.
  • Visiting your business locations across the country and presenting his story in an inspirational slideshow and book signing, which have drawn crowds of over 500 people, which means bringing 500 potential customers to your door.
  • Increasing brand awareness through media interviews, organized rides, presentations, social media, and more.
  • Increasing awareness for a cause like saving the monarch butterflies.
  • Demonstrating the enthusiastic use and functionality of related products, and feedback for the R&D of products. See my article by the Gear Junkie which also appeared in Outside Magazine.
  • Interviews and photo opportunities and name-dropping. Scott has been interviewed numerous times, including media giants such as the New York Times. Scott is frequently questioned about his supply kit and travel and self-improvement logistics.
  • Sponsors will also have their logo presented during Scott’s popular slideshow.
  • Prominent advertising on this website, including banner ads, product reviews, features stories and text links in related stories, promotion in his monthly newsletter, and more…
  • And more.

Thanks for thinking of us. All proceeds help support Scott, this website and his work with children.

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